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Why Waterloo? (see long answer below)

- A community of entrepreneurs, and visionaries
- The largest pool of engineering talent outside Silicon Valley
- Home to over 500 startups, and big time Canadian technology companies - BlackBerry, OpenText, Desire2Learn. Google is here too.
- A great place to do business and raise a family!

My epic Hacker News post
- in response to the comment "most people people dream of getting out of Waterloo" (part of the Alexis Ohanian of reddit interview).

"I disagree - Here's why. I was born/raised in Kitchener-Waterloo. I believe K-W is the best place to live, start a family, and be successful. K-W has always been about innovation and engineering, and smart people with access to top technology and just simply people are willing to chat about ideas without the worry of it being 'stolen'. We are thought of a "small-town community" - 500,000 if you include Region. If you compare this to the US, we would rank in the top 30 of populated 'cities'. K-W is a community of people who aren't afraid to get their hands dirty to build great things. Personally, I've been involved with technology and the Internet since 1998 - from small 4 person startups, to being #4,000 of 20,000 at BlackBerry, who did create the first smartphone, the iconic BlackBerry.. The impact successful people have had here is astounding. (RIM's founders' money stays in K-W, look at the Perimeter Institute, and Institute for Quantum Computing - $100MM donated). At the end of the day no matter how big or small, its all about innovation, and smart people. UW put K-W tech on the map with one of the top engineering co-op programs in the world, and startups are doing big things. So it's natural so many software/internet startups have started and thrive here, Communitech & the Accelerator Centre are the best kept secret outside of our community and the world is finally taking notice. $500MM and 164 new startups.. more everyday.. ( This is happening b/c of perfect storm of things coming together, great schools who foster students ideas - WLU, UW, Conestoga, (55,000+ students) companies who further foster this talent, RIM, OpenText, Desire2Learn, and 400 other high-tech firm, that encourage entrepreneurship, giving people opportunities to see their ideas come to reality, and in my opinion is the best place in the world to start, & build a technology business. Now about people defecting to Sunny california,. Call us crazy Canucks, but some of us love 4 full seasons, including the snow! More opportunity for us here to build a company, & raise a family (median house price is $250,000), with median family income of $90K,. (2005),.. I could go on and on here, but people who are here know this..:)"

Jay Klesitz

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